New Design High School

A vigorous life preparatory design high school that empowers students with the skills, tools, and capacities to create attainable life plans…

 ….a design for life




Graduation this year will be held on June 26th at 11 am in the Seward Park auditorium.

Senior dues ($90 – due November 15th) cover the cost of graduation, your cap and gown, senior t-shirt, yearbook, diploma and other associated costs.

Prom.  This year’s prom will be held at Battery Gardens. The cost of prom this year is $130. The $40 deposit is due immediately.

Regents. Regents this year begin on June 16th. See the complete schedule here

New Design High School
350 Grand Street, 4th Floor
(Between Essex and Ludlow)
New York, NY 10009

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